How to Help

We’re continuously working on making this happen and are grateful for any kind of ideas and support.

There are several ways to engage in the act of craftivism:

If you fell in love with our sock monkeys combined with the idea of helping people in need, then treat someone and do a good thing at the same time! Every sock monkey is handmade and therefore unique. We sell them in two sizes for 20 € or 25 €. The money (less material costs) goes 100% to Tara Trust in India.

Learn how to make your own sock monkey by attending one of our workshops or purchasing a DIY kit. We’ll sell your donated sock monkeys and send the money to Tara Trust in India.

As we constantly need socks, buttons, stuffing, thread, needles and sewing machines, we’d really appreciate any kind of material sponsorships. With donating socks or any other material you’ll make a bunch of sock monkey makers very happy!

Please get in touch under:

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