For a Good Cause

Our revenues are donated to projects in India. For this purpose we work together with our partner Tara for Children e.V. who take care of the organization and execution of personally selected projects to make sure, our donations find its way to people who really need them. In 2011 we visited their orphanage “Care and Compassion” in Panjim/Goa and are fascinated with the warmth and joy, the team of Tara and partners are dedicated to each of their kids. In a fun workshop we teached the volunteers and kids how to make sock monkeys.

Population growth, the access to education and therefore poverty and inequality are omnipresent problems in India an make a large part of the population suffer. Did you know, that ¼ of more than one billion people in India are living with less than a dollar a day? More than 40 million kids in India live on the street or work as child laborers.
We sell our sock monkeys for 20/25 Euros. 25 Euros is enough to cover a child’s expenses as meals, medical caretaking and education for one month. With purchasing and giving someone a sock monkey you support one kid in India for a whole month. With only twelve sold sock monkeys we help one kid in India to live healthy and go to school for even one year.

To learn more about the variety of Tara’s projects as the mobile library BeBook or the Jamyang-School in the mountains of Ladakh, or indiviual sponsorships as godparents, contact us or take a look under:!